Live On Film Competition

The “Live On Short Film Competition”, organised by the Ministry of Health (MOH), aims to raise awareness of organ donation amongst the youth in a meaningful and creative way using an emotive platform to engage people at all levels. Through creative story-telling, we hope the short films can promote discussion on organ donation and address some of the concerns regarding organ donation.

Every year, there are more than 500 patients waiting to receive a life-saving transplant in Singapore. For these patients, the wait is not only agonising but also emotionally draining. We hope the films can convey the importance of organ donation and how a life-saving transplant can change the lives of patients in need. Through the films, we also hope to encourage discussions on altruistic living organ donations, and how all of us have the power to help our family and loved ones should they require an organ transplant.

Organ donation is also an emotional issue with many concerns on the ground. For example, some may be less open towards the idea of organ donation because of set beliefs and traditional values, while others may have certain misconceptions on organ donation. Participants are encouraged to think about some of these issues and discuss them in their films.

Participants are required to send in their original script and proposed production budget by 16th August at Five teams with the best short film proposal will be selected in August and be given up to $3,000 funding plus the prize of a Seagate external hard-drive each for the production of the short films. In addition, the selected teams will participate in a mentoring workshop with renowned Director Royston Tan. The teams will be given two months for the production of the films. All final works are to be submitted by 30 November on the Seagate external hard drive which will be returned to them after the competition. The final winner will be announced in December.

Visit the Live On Film website for more information.
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