Gala Nights - 'Steadfast' screened at the Grand Cathay

The gala premiere of Steadfast, like its trailer, was no short of drama and theatrics. Ushers were dressed in combat and totting rifles. The crowd was supportive and none could be happier than the 2 young directors of the film, David Liu and Linus Chen, both only in their early 20s, which is hard to believe!
The organisers used all the ammunition they had.
The SINdie boys (from left: Jeremy, Darren, Alvin, Raymond and Colin) are out in full force and share the shot with Nicholas Chee from Sinema.
The crowd anticipates...
One of the leads speaks for the camera.
Fancy seeing your film title on the BIG screen?
David and Linus finished combing their 'Thank You' list.
Jeremy Sing and Linus Chen
From left : Linus Chen, Jeremy Sing, David Liu, Darren Ong
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