90 Second Short Film Competition with trip to UK


SHOW US THE PLACES THAT MATTER TO YOU for a chance to win a trip to Encounters, the UK’s leading short film festival!

WHERE THE HEART IS, a collaboration with DepicT! , Encounters' 90 second online film competition, we want to make a short film showing us a place that means most to you.

In the city, we all have special places that we feel strongly about.

It could be the home of the grandmother you visited as a child, the cinema where you had your first kiss, the coffee shop where you spend far too much time with friends, or the place where you said goodbye for the last time to someone special. These places are filled with emotion and live forever in our memories.

It could also be a place that you have a love hate relationship with or a more emotionally complex relationship to.

We want you to share your special places with us in our short film competition. And we want you to do it in just 90 seconds!

You could see your film play at the National Museum in October, showcase your film on this website or even end up at the UK's leading short film festival, Encounters.

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