New to the SINdie team!

Dear friends of SINdie, here are 3 new faces you should know (yes, we sure like to multiply!). Together with the current 4 of us (Darren, Grace, Colin and myself), we are 7 in total! So here they are:

Audi Khalid graduated from Ngee Ann Poly in 2008 taking a diploma in Film, Sound and Video. Having been given a video camera when he was 9, the camera stuck with him through his life. He has worked as an assistant stunt coordinator and stuntman with local stunt director, Jimmy Low, since 2007. Part of his niche specialty is weapons handling. He is also freelancing as videographer and is married to his 'Canon 7D'. Some of his recent works include an entry for a video competition held by Pringles (which won first prize) and a music video for local duo Jack and Rai's 'Pixelated' that was commisioned by the Health Promotion Board. Finally, he loves making films, but is currently more interested in making filmlets (little films) as he explores styles and themes. He hopes to have a unique storytelling style to call his own.

'I love making videos. It's the only way I could dive deep into my emotions and bring it out into the sun. Whenever I'm in a turmoil of thoughts and words become useless, I dive back in and create. It's fun.'

Melody Chow just graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a diploma in Media Studies and Management and will be pursuing her Bachelor's in Communications. Having to work on several productions like Here and Project Earth during her polytechnic days, the substantial amount of effort, heart and soul that goes behind the scene simply thickens the love relationship Melody has with films.

'It's captivating how a film can be pieced together with infinite themes and beautifully crafted plots to command the greatest amount of emotion within oneself and implore one on a journey of contemplative reverie. It is nothing physical in nature nor psychologically/emotionally harmful. It's just all that and more.'

Alvin Choo is a Comms & Media graduate from University of South Australia, Alvin has written and published works for several local magazines and portals. Now employed as a digital marketer and continuing to pursue his passion for writing & film (recently completing a scriptwriting course by Objectifs, participating in the 48HFP and now writing for SINdie), he hopes to find in his love for film an inspiration to share with others.

'Film to me is like a patchwork of expressions weaved together by the auteur, based on the mishmash of experiences, ideologies, et al he/she has been participant to. And perhaps that is what draws me to the silver screen, especially local indie films that never fail to be close to the heart. It’s hard to put a finger on what is it about an individual showing glimpses of his passion but it nevertheless endears. Having completed a scriptwriting course and looking to further my film experience/expertise, coupled with my new writing commitments for SINdie, I hope to find in this passion that I and many others share, a sense of fulfilment and share it with you - our readers. As some-great man once said, “The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have”.'
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