LaSalle AVANT Showcase - 'Waiting by Jow Zhi Wei

Continuing in the vein of collectives finding a way out of the nadir is Waiting.

Waiting tells the story of a widowed father who tries to hold the fabric of his relationship with his son intact while dealing with the challenges of being in the financial doldrums.

From a poignant opening scene (Father and son share a miserly breakfast in silence as an electric fan suddenly stops, presumably due to a power cut) to the closing scenes, the film offers a raw glimpse of a family at the cliff-edge of modern society when all financial resources are exhausted.

A sentimental plot premise, coupled with heartfelt, raw acting makes Waiting a modest triumph at tugging the heartstrings, even if some disjointed dry story-filler scenes threaten to dilute the audience’s takeaways.

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