AVANT Premiere:LASALLE Graduate Showcase

LASALLE "Receptionists" (actually the filmmakers themselves) getting busy entertaining their Guests ...(Well...It's their SHOW!) (From Left) Ong Zheng Kai, Daniel Hidajat, Norma De Souza, Jow Zhi Wei and Jeannie Chia

In this Showcase,5 films were Featured,namely

Labour Day

It’s Labour Day.

Cik visits her old flat to collect rents from her two foreign tenants/talents, who are on their way to work. Zoe, a frumpy 30-year old Malaysian Chinese whose application for citizenship has been rejected for the second time and Purple, a study-mama from Guangzhou, who is hiding a secret from her 12 year-old son.

Labour Day is a quirky and quiet observation of how one goes into great length to pursue a better life in a city obsessed with progress and change.

Caveman & Zebragirl

The film tells the story of the relationship between a man who works as a caveman in a museum exhibit and his long-term girlfriend who works in a bar as an exotic dancer. Both of them aspire to leave behind their seedy existence; however, due to their financial problems their relationship suffers.

This strain is evinced by their nighttime dreams which perforate into their reality.

Waiting (等待。家)

A man tries to maintain his dignity and risk being seen as a failure in his son's eyes as he struggles to fulfil his promise to the boy.

Traces( 回荡的回忆 )

When an ex-student unexpectedly returns into his life, Ken, a printmaking teacher, is faced with the difficult decision of having to choose between his family and his muse. Potato is a poignant tale of regaining hope amidst the disappointments faced in life.

7th July ( 七月七日 )

A deaf mother struggles to run her deceased husband's noodle stall with her hearing daughter as she tries to cope with her own independence.

7th July marks the day of a renewed sense of hope and optimism in life for both mother and daughter.

Here are some feedback received from the ground.

Viewpoint from Kelvin Sng,The Man behind The Gang...

Viewpoint from Warren Sin, film programmer from the National Museum

Last but not least, a Student of The PUTTNAM SCHOOL OF FILM, Kenneth Mattson

(Filmmakers of the films in the showcase) to talk about their next plans and what they think about Film Industry in Singapore...
(Gosh...they are such "Guai Kias" (good kids), giving such politically correct answers!)

Part 1-Featuring He Shu Ming, Jeannie Chia, Kimberly Leng and Daniel Hidajat

Part 2-Featuring Russell Adam Morton, Shirin Chawla, Norma de Souza, Goh Hiro Toshi Thomas, Jow Zhi Wei and Ong Zheng Kai

That's Me Signing OFF!
(Hmmm...2am already arh...What's For Supper? :P)
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