Trailing their 48 hours this weekend

This is indeed a week of manic video-making efforts and panic in some cases. With both the Great Gatsby Video Challenge and the 48 Hour Film Competition going on at the same time, lots of people will be surviving on inadequate sleep. We picked one team from the 48 hour Film Competition to follow. So follow our footsteps into the den of the team 'Outside the Lines'. This team is headed by John Winski, a lawyer who is veteran of the 48 Hour Film Challenge right from the days when he was still in his home country the US. This marks the 6th year he is taking part.

Friday 30 April 22:30
Four Seasons Park

A view from the moment we entered the house
So many chefs!
Screenwriting in progress
Mmm..... the DIY dolly
Conferences notes
It really helps that John (Winski)'s professional background is used in the seamless planning of this tea's production
This is apparently their 'music' department....already at work before shooting's started.

It's just hilarious when you see so many people in discussion and each wanting a hand in the screenplay!

Time left 22:50
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