The day the film community came out in full force and in PINK too

We did it!!!  Jasmine Ng (Head of the Pink Dot video) and David Shiyang Liu rejoicing in exaggerated fashion as they witness the pink heart formed by 4000 people at Hong Lim Park.

Judging from recent activities, it seems the film community is showing a lot of signs of solidarity. There was a time when people complained that we do not come together and join our efforts like our Malaysian filmmakers. But that should easily dispelled from what the community pulled off at the Pink Dot event today. Pink Dot is a event where all Singaporeans who believe in the freedom to love come to Hong Lim Park to form a human pink dot as a show of their support for this cause. Within a week, at least 15 filmmakers were mobilised by Jasmine Ng and Jeremy Sing to help document the event into a video (aimed to be ready the next morning!) (Apparently, more than 15 turned up). 

These names included Brian Gothong Tan, Leon Cheo, Lee Wong, Chris Yeo, David Shiyang Liu, Nicole Midori, Ghazi Alqudcy, Ezzam Rahman, Martyn See, Natalie Soh, He Shu Ming and some of students from NTU ADM and La Salle. Boo Junfeng was supposed to be part of this but he was attending his film premier in Cannes. Apart from the team other filmmakers were also spotted in the crowd like Tan Pin Pin, James Leong and Lynn Lee.

David Shiyang Liu prepares his 'gun'
Brian Gothong Tan's (left) parting look before he goes to shoot; Chris Yeo taking instructions from Jasmine Ng
Nicole Midori (2nd from left) frames her shot while David listens to a very meticulous Jasmine
Chris Yeo and Leon Cheo fix some last minute sound hiccups
Seeking shelter and liquid sustenance before the crowds flood in
James Leong, Lynn Lee pose for a shot with Leon and Ji from my (Jeremy) shooting team
It is 6pm and one of our editors, Martyn See (right) has come in to start work
SINdie at PINK Dot! Grace and me
A D Chan with me after the crowd dispersed
Ghazi Alqudcy breaks out in laughter after 'Ivana' and 'Glenda' finish reciting the Singapore pledge. Guess which 2 famous arts personalities Ivana and Glenda are...
Ezzam Rahman and Ghazi Alqudcy look on as 'Glenda' signs the TALENT RELEASE FORM!

Lee Wong leads the pack back to Furama Hotel after the event
Inside this packed room in Furama are where the hundreds of photos, videos and press releases will start circulating
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