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Friends in discussion after the screening

We went out to capture a portion of the audience's voice at this year's Singapore International Film Festival. This took place at the screening of the Singapore short film non-finalists on Friday and Sunday. We got people who watch it to say something about the films they watched. Knowing Singaporeans, we were apprehensive there was going to be low response but a little voice goes a long way to making filmmakers feel appreciated. So here are some of the comments.

'It is interesting to be exposed to so many different types of short films with various styles. The film by Ngee Polytechnic (16 Apr) was particularly interesting.'

'It was a good screening. Able to show the films to public. I realise there is potential in the film industry.'   Raudhatul Juane

''Ice Cream Man'and 'Toy Man' were the more interesting and entertaining short films shown this evening (16 Apr)

'Borak was interesting.'

'I have been watching the short films of SIFF for many years, the standard has constantly improved, for instance 'Ice Cream Man.'     Ang Wei C

'The 'Store Bought Love' was really good because it had almost perfect lyrics and music as well as a feel good story.'  James Chong

''Store Bought Love' was great. Love the melodrama from FSV......Great to see the first entry from ITE 'Frank & Fridge'..... Thumbs up for SIFF and giving students a platform to showcase their work!'    Sri Hassimawaty, FSV Alumni/ITE Staff

''Frank & Fridge' was a nice animation.'   Vince

'Interesting screening with a range of different genres. I particularly enjoyed the supernatural love story the most. Overall a well done effort as a whole!

'Store Bought Love 'is a new wave multi-racial musical film. Well Done!....... 'Ice Cream Man' is very touching and depicts the real mentality of traditional Chinese elderly people. A heartlander's film.'     Robin Soh

'Need more depth, relay less on music to convey feelings.'

'Akiko was bitter and heartwarming. The contrast is good....In 'Father', the white shirt in the last scene was beautiful....'Star' was impressive.....'Yours Truly' was sad.'       Etsuko Sata

''Your Truly' is an awesome film. I love the black and white photography shots when the male lead was looking for Rachael. Love the cruel twist at the end......'Coconut Milk' is a good film that brings out the flavour of old Singaporean estates.'       Malcolm

'I like 'Your Truly'.... Very clear imahe, pleasing to the eye, interesting story... though the end is too much like Korean drama......good-looking actors and'    Ela

'Good experience watching 'I Am Brinsley Bivouac: The A-Z Video'  by Sia Joo Hiang and Toh Hun Ping. It was worth the trip! This visual docu should be screened in more events to generate interest for the novel that inspired it.'     Thaddeus S

'More public promotion could be done but nice screening!  'Mother' and ‘父亲’ (father) are very touching..... well played with emotions.'      Wing

''Dance of the Water' was good.'     Linda

Thank you to all spared some time to write 'Your Say'.
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