Highlights of the Singapore International Film Festival 2010 Press Conference

This year's SIFF opening act is 'Mao's Last Dancer'. It tells the story of a dancer from China who flees to the US and eventually becomes the principal dancer of the Houston Ballet.

Geoff Malone, SIFF founder, shares some highlights of the festival. Next to him are Prof Kirpal Singh and Audrey Wong

This year's SIFF screens close to 200 films from over 36 countries between 15th to 24th April. While we open with an epic rags-to-riches story about overcoming the odds , we end with a charming little low-budget called Dear Doctor, in which a medical charlatan with a heart of gold wins over the inhabitants of a Japanese village.

Besides these 2 films,
I am also tempted to catch the following...

Shaking Hands with the Devil by Director Roger Spottiswoode

Liebe Mauer (Beloved Berlin Wall) by Peter Timm

Don't miss the usual selection of local films too!
Here are the details of the festival:

Date:15th-24th April 2010

Venue:Shaw Lido/Sinema Old School/The Arts House/UniSIM/ SMU(Singapore Management University)/Singapore Art Museum

Ticket Price:Opening Film:$20;Closing Film:$20;Other movies:$10
For More Information,Visit www.filmfest.org.sg

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