The Birdsong Trilogy by Royston Tan

Have you watched this?

If so, you will find the opening of the Birdsong Trilogy familiar. :p  And with this, we sit through a lot of drama, tears and beeeuutifool shots. And song and dance makes a come back too! Here is just my 2-cents worth of what I think about the Birdsong Trilogy that was shown on Okto. Just 2-cents, nothing more... :)

Part 1-Passion


A love story between a baker and doctor told through 3 songs composed specially for this production. This delightful musical pairs one of the most prolific stage actresses Denise Tan with up and coming star Eric Gwee. Filmed in the heartland, the innocence of love is captured in the most unlikely of places.

In a way, the baker reminds me of Giselle in Enchanted. which is in a way exaggerated more than usual.Understanding it is working in a musical manner,but it seems quite off,and looks like the local version of High School Musical,only that it’s in a confectionery.So in a way it is like Enchanted meets High School Musical in adult version.

When my mom actually sees this part,especially the baker keeps singing, she actually says..."Siao Zhar Boh"(Crazy Woman in Hokkien),which is kind of true that I agree.

Part 2-Betrayal

Storyline:A young man relishes being in a triangle with 2 different women - an older woman whom he loves, and a younger woman whom he beds. A simple story about a cougar, a nubile girl and a young man dictated by lust. Set entirely in a bedroom, watch the sexy drama unfold with a series of twist and turns.

Too Chim to UNDERSTAND...

Part 3-Forgiveness

Storyline: An intimate telling of a story about a boy of 10 who is terminally ill, and is abandoned in the hospital. A counsellor is assigned to him and she is quickly touched by his gregarious spirit despite the pain that he is going through. She resolves to ensure that he is surrounded by love even as he slowly fades away. As the 2 individuals share those final days together, it appears that the boy is not the only one being caged in by pain.

Can cry lor. The interaction between the counsellor and Zijun is extremely touching! And this third part of the feature is more like a silent movie,with minimal conversation. 

Being a Royston fan, I guess I just want to take this chance to congratulate Royston on the successful TV premiere of his 1st English Feature made for TV.

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