Singapore Short Film Awards - From Green to Brown to Black to Brown to Green by Joo Choon Lin

Myriad leaves. A dozen bulldozers. Oscar(from Sesame street) look-alikes, urban elements depicted as monsters. It's not difficult to guess the 'save-the-earth' message behind the film. But hey! what's ultraman, legoman and host of other toy characters doing in it? Just a toy fetish that results in the toys inevitably ending up on camera? It seems more is hidden in the process than meets the eye. I had a chance to read about it here. Choon Lin created this in collaboration with fellow Singaporean artist Chun Kai Qun as part of the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale.
Having visited the website, it is clearly evident the film seems misplaced in the Singapore Short Film Awards and somehow shelving it under a random stack of other films does not do it justice.
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