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This is a response to the Nearly got FOOLED on This,dated on Feb 17,2010.

The 1st impression that it gives me is that it is a series of old movie remastered into a DVD. But to my disappointment,in the DVD case,it is an empty case.

I was initially wowed by the DVD and thought "eh, CD-rama is a great store selling exclusive old movies in DVD,but got to know from the brochure that the 5 films on the case are old films which are "lost".

This is not real,but it is a Campaign.

This is a campaign as part of Asian Film Archive's 5th Anniversary and the ‘Save Our Film’campaign aims to raise awareness of Singapore's rich local film heritage and the importance of keeping it alive for our future. Targeting youth aged 15 to 35, the initiative shows them the value of local films and encourages them to seek out local film memories from their elders,thereby using local films to breach the generation gap through collective film memories.

Here are some events that are of the past and upcoming

1. 'Save Our Film' posters have been put up at Shaw, Filmgarde and Cathay cineplexes, the Substation and Sinema Old School until the end of February when the campaign ends.
Also,'Save Our Film' DVDs have been placed on the shelves of HMV, selected Popular CD-Rama and Gramophone outlets and Sinema Old School.These posters and DVDs promote five early Singapore film titles, with the twist that these films are lost. The public can share information they have on these and other missing films on the campaign website's Singapore Lost Films Wiki.

2. From 6 to 27 February, flash mob style 10-minute video projections will be screened at mystery locations every Saturday. The video features interviews with prominent community members who share their best film memories. Some of these personal tributes include Baba Peter Wee, First Vice-President of the Peranakan Association, whose grandfather owned the Alhambra and Marlborough theatres, Wong Han Min, a Singapore film memorabilia collector and Willy Why, former cameraman for Cathay-Keris Films with over 45 years of filmmaking experience.

3. Singaporeans are invited to share their film memories in the first-ever public Call for Memories. This can be done by recording a video of themselves or others sharing their memorable local film experiences and uploading the video on the AFA Youtube channel. This Call is open for the length of the campaign from 1st to 28th February 2010. The first ten best uploaded video clips stand a chance to win a free DVD of Singapore Shorts Vol. 2 as well. More details on the Call for Memories can be found on AFA's website.

4. The closing event of the ‘Save Our Film’ campaign will screen the best video clips from the Call for Memories on a roving television travelling down the length of Orchard Road and ending at The Cathay. At the same time, we will take this opportunity to engage the public in conversation with us to share the joys of watching local films.

Event 3 and 4 are the upcomings for the campaign.

For More Information,please go to http://asianfilmarchive.org/5th

Let us save our film,so that they will be enjoyed by the future Generations the way that the film were meant to be seen!

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