Who's Shooting What in 2010? See Yishu & Heng Shing Kae

Collaboration work between Yishu(Left) and Shing Kae(Right)

Name of Project: Durian Complex

Brief description of project
This is actually one of our projects for the NUS Arts Fesitval 2010. The film can be a standalone film but for the upcoming festival, we are presenting it in a form of installation+film where audiences can interact with the sets directly. The film takes a darkly comical look at the lives of a group of neighbours in a university dormitory. The relationship between the five residents of Block A is polite, and despite being proximally close is somewhat superficial – yet highly functional. Meanwhile, behind those doors which shut each other out, each resident faces a turning point in their relationship with someone else who is emotionally close to them – with painful results.

Project Tagline:

"Tell me: What is
GREEN, prickly,and full of sweetness?"
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