Who's Shooting What in 2010? Ho Tzu Nyen

Name of Project: Endless Day
Brief Description of Project: 
Endless Day is an action film inspired by a film entitled A Touch of Zen (1969) made by Hong Kong director King Hu. The treatment of action is such that you can feel the physicality involved with the fight scenes, when you see the protagonist actually panting. 'Until today I still think it's one of the greatest martial arts films ever made.'  Endless Day is a mix between Robinson CrusoeThe Blue Lagoon and A Touch of Zen. It'll be filmed entirely in Singapore.
Project Tagline: In an undeterminable time and place, a boy and a girl try to build themselves a house, in the heart of a tropical paradise. Soon the outside world collapses on them, for fate is on their backs, like a madman with a razorblade...
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