Singapore Short Film Awards - The Rescuer Hero by Christopher Broe

Ang Moh love story by the HDB long kang (drain) with furry Ang Kong (toy)

A simple flavourful sentence like this can be used to sum up Christopher Broe's short Rescuer Hero. I don't quite get its point but its got its innocent sweet charms. A young man, contorts himself, risking dislocation to retrieve his monkey soft toy... but only to torment it in various ways again, and to rescue it again after that. So you know the cycle. This catches the attention of the blonde girl who appears at the playground. No prizes for guessing that she secretly digs the his lamely heroic ways. 

Sitting through a number of films from the TISCH students often puts me in a ambiguous state between appreciating the American pizzazz in storytelling and production and squirming at the sense of incongruity in character, situation and space. Think savvy robbers in HDB heartland (I made that up). But it is easy to forgive given their circumsta
nces. I think Wong Kar Wai made an absolute mess out of 'Blueberry Nights' but we know 'where he was coming from'. 

All in all, 'Rescuer's Hero' was weak in its point but sweet in its aftertaste, mostly from the man's silliness. 
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