First Takes Jan 2010 - Mummy by Teh Zhi Yuan

Fly-By-Night, the annual video challenge is a great platform to make a statement. You've got only 48 hours, don't do elaborate plots, don't do multiple locations. It seems stationing yourself at a point and making it intense seems to work better. 

A state of coma, in a bathtub full of ice, the final scene evokes a unnerving sense of regret and helplessness. But not without the ironic string of statements about the relationship between mummy and son. Gliding through the furniture and objects that make up the bathroom, the camera establishes a immediate level of intimacy between us and the character (yet to appear). The bittersweet statements suggesting motherly love makes you more and more uneasy and the camera seems to closing up on the final subject in the bathroom.

Nothing gets more painful when it is immeasurable and sublime like this. It is fortunately on YouTube. Enjoy!

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