Bloodthirsty 品血 (dir. Koh Chong Wu) — ADM 26

The centerpiece of Bloodthirsty is a sustained, disembodied shot of a human limb being pierced, and the blood extracted from it through a steel straw. Neither the flesh nor the blood is an obvious prosthetic, and the filmmakers take evident pleasure in showing it off (much like the swastika-carving that caps Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds), so squeamish viewers should be wary.

Commendably, the filmmakers make this violent shot easier to stomach by surrounding it with semi-ridiculous pantomime. The premise, described in a muffled phone call over a black screen, is that a few people have gone missing near an abandoned building. The detective sent to follow the trail is attracted to an oil portrait of a lady in red hanging on a wall (it beckons to him in cheaply humorous voiceover), all the better for someone to emerge from the shadows and bonk him on the head. The "wine-tasting" that gives the film its title, a drug-addled rave sequence, and a "shock zoom" into a new victim snarling with prosthetic vampire's teeth cap these bizarro proceedings. Clever use of the "no-budget horror" aesthetic, though none of the film would hold up to higher expectations or production values.

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