[The Release]Q&A Session with the Director

Timothy J. Alvin shares about his first film experience after graduating from Republic Polytechnic's Diploma In New Media(School of Technology for the Arts).He also shares his experience on his recent work "The Release" in this interview.

Q: When did the idea of "The Release" came about?
A: A year back, when I was filming "Ricebowl", one of the lead actors, veteran SBC actor Allend Lim, shared a story about someone whom he knows personally. This person deserted his mum, and because of this incident, the story of him deserting his mum actually made headlines in the Newspapers. As "Ricebowl" explores the tension-filled relationship between father and son, I felt that it was a very interesting idea to explore the tension-filled relationship between mother and son on screen.

Q: What message would you like to bring across to the audience through "The Release"?
A: I would like to highlight the importance of treasuring the people you love, especially close ones. When you choose to let go of your loved ones, do not expect them to return. I felt that on screen family dramas in Singapore are pretty common nowadays, but I feel that stuff like character emotions are not explored deep enough. I would like the audience to feel what the characters are feeling, thus, they would be able to get the message that I would like to bring across easily.

Q: How is your relationship like while working with the cast?
A: It was very different. This is one of my first few times working with a really strong cast. Since most of the dialogue done in Hokkien, which was the first on screen attempt for both Liyun-Jie and Nick, they had alot of opportunities to imporvise while speaking in Hokkien. This is also Liyun-jie and Priscillia's first independent production, thus, they had more opportunities to go real deep into their characters.

Q: I heard that you are currently making plans to market this film overseas. Is that true?
A: Definately, I hope to send this film to as many festivals as possible. The reason is because this film speaks a universal language, family relationship, thus anyone and everyone could relate to it regardless of nationality. But for now, my goals is to market it to festivals regional countries.
Q: What are your plans after The Release?
A: I am planning to do a romantic comedy, titled "One Love Two Many".

Q: If you could show a film to someone (anyone) right now, who will you show it to?
A: Hmmm... Just anyone, anyone who is willing to hear me out through the film.

Q: Lastly, was it a fun journey? Though I heard it was tough to complete this film.
A: It was very fun, very memorable and I am very thankful to all my crew, my producers, my parents and my friends who have given their support throughout this period.
I hope to be able to inspire all the aspiring film makers too.

Darren:Thanks for the interview,I wish you all the best in the upcoming projects,and hope to see your works in near future.

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