The Release-Timothy J. Alvin

The accident that left Jia Hao and his mother paralysed took the live of their loving husband and father and left the family broken.3 months forward,though it seems well on the surface,Jia Hao drifted from his mother,whom he blamed for the accident.When Hui Juan entered his life and his flat,Jia Hao has to forgo one relationship.Love and Family,can he make the right choice?

This is Timothy J. Alvin's debut work after he graduated from Republic Polytechnic's Diploma In New Media(School Of Technology for the Arts).

This is also the first film in Dialect(Hokkien).

Based on the idea from a newspaper article which happened more than 20 years ago where this lady actually practiced the release of her senile dementia mother-in-law.

Considering the fact of the occurrence of the case happened in an aging population like Singapore,
I applaud and also touched on the director's message in the film.

Another point which I feel about the short a unique one is its long shots.
The long shots enables the audience feel the plight of the mother and also bring the audience closer.

This short has given me a strong impact to be filial to parents no matter what happens and also given me an opportunity to reflect at that point of time.

I would say that this is a high impact short that I ever caught so far.

To end this review,Here's the trailer of THE RELEASE.Enjoy!

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