Fly By Night - The 'Original' local 48 hour video challenge

Fly By Night is here again. If you are a new filmmaking enthusiast, this is your chance to put yourself to the test against 40 over teams. If you are seasoned filmmaker, this is your chance to make that frivolous or utterly indulgent film you always wanted to do and not get labelled for anything! If you don't know what is Fly By Night, here is a write up from the Fly By Night website:

Bringing together a sizable group of enthusiasts, the objective is to "make the video you have always wanted to make in a weekend". You have one weekend to conceptualise and make your 5-minute video with your 4 friends. All entries are submitted on Sunday afternoon and they screen at the same afternoon.

There is no top prize for this. But there are 10 JUDGES' CHOICE AWARDS. Basically, 10 films will receive cash prizes of $300 each. The Judges' Choice Awards, announced 'live' on the Sunday evening, are given to the most interesting works made within the limited time and budget. These films will be screened at various venues after the Fly By Night event.

Last year's theme was 'X'. What's this year? Be there to find out!
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