Who's Team Hope? Find out at this Charity Screening of 'Homeless FC'

A ball can change the world.

That's one of the rallying cheers of the Homeless World Cup. We at Team Hope whole-heartedly believe this ­- that a single ball can help change thelives of those living in poverty in Singapore. We hope that thededication, commitment and teamwork involved in growing a football teamwill provide persons-in-crisis with the necessary tools to help them rebuild their lives and successfully reintegrate back into society.
Football is a sport that mirrors life: the joy, pain and the surprises. It's about more than just scoring points. It¹s about dreams and hope. Team Hope.

We can make a difference. It all starts with you.

You are invited to a Charity Screening of Homeless FC. All proceeds will be donated to Team Hope ­- Singapore's very own football team for the homeless.

Hope to see you there.

Where: Sinema Old School
When: Friday, 11 September 2009, 7.30pm

Team Hope
An initiative of New Hope Community Services
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