My Pledge - 'Scrapbook' by CVSS_ICC2

This is the sister video of the 'day in the life of Singaporean Student'. They are both part of the brown checkered print gang. This one is visually more appealing but conceptually looser. It offers visual interpretations of the different parts of the pledge on a scrapbook. But to be strict, the style is not consistently faithful to the scrapbook motif, more like a random mix of different media and discipline. What I didn't like was the didactic attempt to adhere to the notion of having the pledge in the video even if it is already conceptually represented by little cute bites of ideas. I mean the 3 students saying the pledge against the billowing flag added zilch to the video. I like the paper cutouts of the 4 coloured figures and how they were clothed one by one in their ethnic apparel. On close observation, apparently, not all were fully draped. I think then Chinese was missing somehow. Lol.
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