My Pledge - Many Hands, One Flag, One Singapore by Everegreen Team 5

I had 2 question marks about this one in its initial seconds - why 'bo sia' (no sound) and why three intellectually able kids take so long to do such a simple jigsaw puzzle? Well, it is called suspension of disbelief I suppose. The running plot behind this video is really the power of the singing the national anthem. The 3 racially balanced kids (though the 'others' category is missinig) fight to place the last piece to complete to jigsaw puzzle. Then they are interrupted by National Anthem. A few seconds of horror gripped me when I thought the Indian boy had programmed 'Majulah Singapura' into his mobile ringing tone because he picked it up as soon as the anthem was played. But it was the school PA system. So after the anthem, they went the other extreme to give way to others to place the last piece. lol. Awkward attempt but great title!
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