My Pledge - 'Many Bags, One Identity' by Baguettes Productions

Here is a title with good thoughts and some wit! I like the use of the visual of supermarket paperbag shoved over the heads of its cast too. It immediately expresses the putting up of fronts or masks without using the actual masks which could be too cliche. Baguette Productions also has the blessings of a spontaneous cast with flair and pizzazz. One can 'gelek gelek' like a Hawaiian dancer, one can strum guitar and once can even boogie in a John Travolta cream suit under tropical heat. I like the fact that the piece is visually and conceptually robust. It deals with identity which is something that grips many younger Singaporeans more than anything else. But it ends in a puzzling way, after they are unmasked, they do not move on to a state of liberation but instead put on a new bag over their head, one with the Singapore flag design. 'Brainwash', if you allow to be a little cheeky, geddit?
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