My Pledge - 'Life of a Singaporean Student' by CVSS-ICC1

School uniforms have certainly moved on from the 80s - my growing up years. I took a few seconds to get over the initial shock of seeing the checkered prints of the students' uniforms. On some bodies, it fits like tablecloth, on others, it hangs like a curtain. This video charts the daily journey of a school student, from the time he wakes up till it's 'lights out' time (an army term). While there is nothing special about the routine, its strongest message to me is the emphasis on how 'state-of-the-art' Singapore education is. I am referring to the shots of spanking new facilities, flawless wall paints and funky laptops. How about a little more personality and less technicality? I am not blaming these videos but this is a country where hardware oftehn preceeds software.
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