My Pledge - 'Letters' by EROPAGNIS

The personal touch of a real-life story spanning 2 countries makes you want to put down that bag of popcorn and view it seriously (after secretly laughing through the earlier entries). Her oblique way of shedding light on the pledge through a homecoing experience makes this video a heavyweight among the others. A girl returns to Singapore after her parents have passed away in Melbourne to rediscover the her place of birth. Though over the years, we know how much the government has torn down, there are thankfully still remnants from the past that remind us of our distant childhood. But competing for our attention are new structures that I am not sure will do anything for anchoring the girl's sense of home, for instance, the imposing 3-tomb structure of the IR as she strolled down the esplanade. This would have been a near-perfect tribute if not for the very scripted ending. I mean she wasted a trip to the airport becase she could have opened the box at home and realised her new-found affinity to her motherland could cost about $20 less. But it is hard to contain the drama queen in us, isn't it?
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