My Pledge: I Pledge By Huestripes Production

"We,The Citizen Of Singapore,must Pledge to end this coupon Carpark Nonsense."
"Hey Uncle,I give out carpark tickets Regardless of Race,Language or Religion.I am doing my Job."
"He shaved his head so as to build a Democratic Society and made us all feel sad!"
"Uncle,Justice and Equality have arrived.Our actons are based upon the law."
"Errr...rrr...Officers.I have to apologise for my father's actions.Er...He's trying to achieve happiness,prosperity and progress..."

-As Quoted in I Pledge

Mixing up the pledge into the daily conversation like this case is one unique one which made me feel like laughing when I had a first look at this short film.

Because of Loyalty,and we love Singapore...I must say that this is a interesting and made me smile while watching short films.

Bolded texts are the texts found in the Singapore Pledge

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