'My Underwear, My World' by Danny Lim (FLARE 2009)

'My Underwear, My World' provides a respite from the sombre-themed pieces from the other filmmakers. Candy-coloured and cheery, it is an unpretentious family drama as warm and fuzzy as the canary yellow colour of Jia Le's underwear.

Jia Le, a 10-yr old boy has an obsession with putting a pair of yellow briefs over his head. with the leg openings for his eyes, resembling a gas mask. His world of make believe is a cause for concern for his father, grandmother and even his teacher. His mother is missing from this because it is her disppearance that's caused his strange behaviour. In a thoughtful way, the film is not just child's play. It gives consideration to common family issues like parenting and dyscfunctionality. At its worst, there is a noticeable dosage of a studio feel to it, like a children's TV program (which may not be too far from the director's aim I suspect). At its best, it is unabashedly sweet and Danny's effort in pulling so many strings together is evident. He's got recognisable faces from J-Team (the granny) and Channel 5 (Craig and Shi Xuen). He's amassed a iridiscent collection of underwear for the dream scene. He's got an animator for the opening credits. Lastly, he's got Michael tay (fellow sch mate who directed 'Respirator') to ham it up as a campy TV show guest. In fact, he wins the best cameo award.
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