'Partycrashers' by Stephanie Bousley - NYU Tisch 2nd Yr Works in Progress

Kiasu Singaporeans, you might be happy to know that the foreign talent we are getting are beating us at our own game. At an elementary school’s parent-teacher event, a couple seem a little more tense than the rest of the parents around. Their eyes are constantly roving and trying to spot moments of opportunities. They heads are shifty, always on guard for any kind of defenses. They hands are busy, loading nibblets from the buffet into their bags. So now we know what they are up to – petty crimes.

In a real situation, I am not sure of what the chances of being caught by the principal or staff of the school are. It certainly brings back memories of me as a university student crashing in at all the events with free ‘receptions’ to fill the hungry student stomachs. In ‘Partycrashers’, the characters, one Caucasian American man and one Indian looking (not sure what national) but Hispanic sounding lady form an odd couple, fitting into a context that is not geographically specific. Though, the piling of food seems to scream ‘Singapore’. My guess is that it is just trying to tell a simple story with a cute twist at the end.

This couple meets a little boy who seems to twinkling with some promise of a good ‘harvest’. They decide to follow him home. Before they got too happy with the potential of looting away from household items, they made a discovery. The boy, who seems to be alone at home, lives in a somewhat ‘make-believe’ world of cardboard/paper-made household furniture and appliances. What they decide to do with the boy is left open though the film did come full circle in a sense that they seemed to have found an unintentional family in each other. My final thoughts on the film was… if his real parents were around and they were Singaporeans, they would be thinking ‘make all these masak masak (toys) waste time only’.
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