My Underwear,My World-Danny Lim(Flare 2009)

My first impression to this film.Did the screenplayer used to did that in the past?
The boy seemed to remind me of the childhood memory where we used to catch Power Rangers on our Television in the past.

A comical film that foster the bond between the father and the son.
Because of the comical conversations they had and the 'underwear' kid reminds me of the Childhood memory of the director(in a way or another).
In the film, the father intend to try to close up with his son,but instead it fails.
(Sort of reminds me of a scene in Jack Neo's I not Stupid 2 where the father mentioned the same thing and the son was stunned).

I like the visuals presented in the screening.Great Animation and visuals presented.

Simply enjoyed this film and it leaves me a very deep impression of it.

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