Kitchen Quartet-Nicole Midori Woodford(FLARE 2009)

In this film, the food Critic tasted this particular promising female chef and gave a bad review on her unknowingly,which lead to her suspension from the Restaurant.

As such,the Female Chef forced to questioned her culinary skill,she re-examined her relationship with her mother,who is a Hokkien Mee seller,while the Critic's son is yearning to spend time with his father,and uses food to connect the relationship between him and his father.

Unexpectedly,after patronizing the stall for the past 20 years,the Critic mentioned that the plate of Hokkien Mee is the best ever he had ever patronised for the past 20 years.Unknowingly,the Critic commended to the Hokkien Mee Fryer,whom is the one who he gave a bad Review on in the High Class Restaurant.

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