Hi everyone!

I am Darren,and I will be posting blog posts and reviews in SINdie on a ad-hoc basis from now on.

I am pursuing my studies in the Diploma of New Media in Republic Polytechnic.

5 things you should know about me...
1. My 1st and only film(For now) was reviewed in SINdie before.Click Here
Believe it or not,It is a pure coincidence when I heard from Jeremy had reviewed my shot for the 1st time.Being it as a virgin film,it is actually a imperfect piece to me as I have noticed in some way,and in the midst of coming out a storyline for another film in near future.

2.Being in the Media Course seems enjoying to me but also a stressed off way to me
I know people will question me...Then in the first Place, why did I chose this course as my choice?

It's all because of the 1st influence in cinematography and the process is challenging as usual(Every job has it challenges anyway),which interest me to be the "next" Boo JunFeng,or the "next" Raja,or even the NEXT "Royston"?Who knows?

3.I am a S-Arts stuff supporter

S-Arts Stuff???What is that?
So in the "Japalang" term,it is actually supposed to be Local Arts Stuff...

Be it S-POP,SIM(not Singapore Idol Music,but Singapore Indie Music),Local films,as long as it is local productions or works of local acts and individuals,it will be always the topic I am interested in.

4.I may be a year 1...but I have a schedule of Year 2 and Year 3 in RP
Believe it or not...As a Year 1 student,I don't look like having an enjoyment like other Year 1s in RP.

My schedule is normally packed with several stuff and I have to keep postponing stuff on and off again...

My friends ended up giving me that term."I may be a Year 1 Student,but I have a Schedule of a Year 2 or Year 3."

5.My Favourite place of Hangout is...
National Museum Of Singapore!

Kinda Weird eh...But it's TRUE!
When everyone's hangout places is Shopping,Clubbing...Mine is Chilling in National Museum Of Singapore.

Simply like it's serenity and conducive environment...that's why I am attracted to its beauty.

For more About me...Do drop by to my blog.

Once again... I am

Great to Introduce myself to you."See" you in the reviews real soon!
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