'Baby' by Qiao - NYU Tisch 2nd Yr Works in Progress

'Baby' is familiar TV soap fare with a love triangle, thoughts of abortion and some eye candy. While watchable in every well-lit, steadily-shot frame, it was not difficult to guess what would happen next. 'Baby' begins with a young couple preparing dinner.The air is blissful and they exchanges sugar-coated glances at each other, suggesting the fact of a recent marriage. After fiood, the sugar-coating continues in bed. And it seems they are trying for a baby.

It is revealed to us shortly after that the attempt was unsuccessful. I guess this is where the drama begins. A young, more nubile girl appears out of nowhere into the life of the husband. They let nothing get in the way of carnal desires. The twist is when she appears right in the matrimonial home of the husband, claiming that she is here to see her 'sister'. And from here, I can feel the seasoned TV watchers are probably sitting down watching yet another drama unfold with the repetitiveness of a wrestling match.

Over dinner, the younger sister (aka the affair) divulges yet another secret - she is pregnant (comma), 'and the father is......'. No prizes for guessing who it is. The even bigger narrative lepa is that a year passes and the the husband is now living with the younge sister and the original wife has been abandoned. On a crowded, the abaondoned ambles down the walkway still reeling from the break-up. Then, in a cruel coincidence spots her ex-husband and her sister pushing a pram. I was just wondering, being the irresonsible husband he is, why did choose to take responsibility for the baby and insist for an abortion? My guess is the young sister's nimble mind has outsmarted him somehow. By the way, are men always such bastards? While the drama is largely 'soapy', the issue of betrayal still tugs at my heart ... like an old sad love song.
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