Tuff Questions by 3Dollars50Cents - 48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

Animation helps in creating an illusion of something that may not exists in real life. You may not see a real life colossal robot but only in the movie, Transformers. With animation you can also trick the viewers into thinking that you’re in space when you’re actually standing in front of a green screen. Tuff Questions seemed to be using a lot of that with their background making theirs one of the most unique among many. Using an animated drawn effect background created an illusion of a comic strip. With only one actor in this film, it was easy to focus on the subject matter.

I was almost fully intrigued by the use of an animated background throughout the film. Imagining how the production would look like and how editing could almost be arduous and all of which was done in a short span of 48 hours. It was fascinating to a point where it could end up like Sin City (in a way). The usage of the local slang always makes us laugh or chuckle at how amazingly dense it sounds sometimes but the touch of locality made it more easier to correlate to everyday situation. At one part of the film, the actor was made to play several characters in helping him understand or perhaps helped him imagined what happened during the scene of the crime. I must say, it was believable at some point and it felt as if you were trying to solve the case together with him.

I find that they have cleverly utilized the characters well and have created a film with clear direction that resulted in an intelligent yet witty short piece.

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