'Sophie' by X-tremma - 48 Hour Film Project : Singapore 2009

A moment of lust leads a man down the broken path of repents.

With the increase number of marriages in a year, so has the number of affairs. The only noticeable differences are the emotional fruits that reap from them and the various packages people leave with them. One with a smile, the other a broken heart of lies and pain. As far as lust is concerned, the film creates and leaves audience in constant suspense throughout the emotional reflections of the woman. This leads us, the audience, into those painful memories of hers that unleashes the chilling baggages that affairs come along with.

This initial suspense made us seem to follow this woman’s reflections from a ‘hidden camera’ which lures us into following her every action. Our eyes linger around the settings of this seemingly haunted house, those intense seconds of watching the red candles melting slowly infront of the rusty mirrors, her lacy bridal train that sweeps silently against the dusty grey floors and those red full lips and worn out make up. This contrast of a perfect eerie surrounding against a imperfect broken soul within made that the most intense minute.

As we are lured into her chamber of thoughts, the film progressed to further seduce the audience with the ‘cat and mouse game’. A phone call to the married man brought the audiences on another journey of their affair moments and the sweet temptations which both fed each other with. Her raised questions in effort to evoke his memories by bringing him through the trails of their affair; the drifting grey and lustful images of her, the pieces of the missing jigsaw which she answered for him, the lingering of her presence in the house, left the audiences wondering what was she going to reveal next.

“Spohie?” as the married man remembers it all, ‘Click’

As abrupt the ending could be, so were the questionable feelings audiences were left with. That one magical ‘click’ brought us to the end of the film from two sides of the story. The ‘hidden camera’ watched her clutching a snipped photo of him in her hands, “was things supposed to look like that?” as she prepared to let everything go and end her life.

Whereas the married man walks back towards his wife as he appears on the television to give an on-site report of the suicide, totally oblivious to the fact that they once had a affair and just a mere second ago he was on the phone with her.

Despite such abrupt and slightly bizarre ending and realization of the woman’s journey, the film has managed to capture the emotions and baggages that are involved in a affair. As adults, affairs will no longer become a short period of child’s play, a sudden burst of lustful temptations but packages of emotional burdens and the unexpected brokenness.

Like the art of seduction, it tempts and lures you away from reality but when you do wake up, you will find yourself lost in a painful mess of repents.

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