'Sacrifice' by Mat D. Flims - 48 Hour Film Project : Singapore 2009

No action too big or small should underestimate the power of love.

Cultural and ethnic differences, going against parent’s will, finding possibilities in impossibilities, holding on to thin lines of hopes and letting time be their determinant factor. This film shares the intense journey of two young individuals who steps out onto unfamiliar grounds to fight and declare their love despite the hurdles they have or may faced.

The story unfolds and shares one hurdle which the Malay girl and Chinese male have went through to express and fight for their love. As we follow the Malay female through each hurdle she faces, enlarged text messages conversed between both were use to keep the audiences in suspense and to also act as indicators to guide the audience.

In the name of love, she would cross the lines with her family again despite their objections to this relationship. When the taxi has broke down, she would run the miles in order to be there for her man. When her phone was out of battery, it did not stop her from giving up hope and to rush down to the clinic. Even with these multiple closed doors, she stood firm and did not let these hurdles put out the fire of positivity she has uphold for.

Audiences’ suspense were held when the film shows the male sitting nervously in the clinic. Despite him being oblivious to the receptionist’s intense irritation towards him for constantly moving back his appointment, he continued to wait patiently for her. Light humour were use to lighten the film’s mood through the receptionist’s exaggerated signs of irritation that were plastered across the receptionist’s face as she snipped away furiously on a piece of paper.

In every relationship, it does take two to clap, as cliché as it may sound. With her ‘failed’ efforts and pondering on where he is, he appears from behind the stair case in a sarong bottom. As both lifted their heads and began to walk in opposite direction, their eyes met.

For a second, this ending drew an intense and powerful finish as the partners walk towards each other with sudden relief and a mixture of emotions. Their own individual’s fight for this relationship was deem worthy enough, no matter how big or small their sacrifices are. The film ended with a sentence, which underlies the theme of this film, ‘do not give up on them when they have not given up on themselves’, paraphrased. This was followed with a heart warming wrapped up with both individuals dressed in the Malay traditional wear with a young toddler in their arms.

Have you ever been in love and wondered whether actions are justifiable for a person’s representation of love? Have you stay true to your heart and fight for love in determination despite words of stubbornness and naivety thrown at you?

Like this short film:

Love has to be tried to know whether its worth fighting for.

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