'On The Ball' by Boxers - 48 Hour Film Project : Singapore 2009

Friendships are like wine, it takes time and nurture for the details to be aged beautiful.

A simple film with the main focus on the meaning of friendships and the different stages in life friends goes through together. This film brought me on the road of reminiscing my younger days where friendships meant the world to me, more than any other thing in the world.

The film progressed nicely in the beginning with one of the scene that summarised friendship in a nutshell. After a failed attempt in robbing people, both friends sat down to let this matter dissolve while having a good laugh about how their strengths make up for the other’s weaknesses. With that fate sealed, they were motivated once again to make the next attempt successful. The highlight of this scene for me was when they playfully used a pack of cigarettes to serve as a reward for the winning party. The visible innocence in these two men amidst the complicating environment reminded me of those younger days, where challenges and decisions were made without realising the long term risk involved. Like a life journey, we tend to make mistakes and never learn from them.

With that motivation and the will to survive, both men set foot for their next attempt. Even though the linkage of events here was slightly disrupted, the ending made up for it.

This leads to my second favourite scene in the film, with the camera focused on just the hand and the mobile phone against the grey background and messy table. The friend made that faithful phone call with reluctance to break the news before flinging it onto the table. The other friend appeared on the evening news screaming and challenging the ‘public’ “was it suppose to look like that?”. As illustrated in this handcuffed scene, this highlights how, at a certain stage in life, people will begin to understand that luck is a variable factor which tends to run out.

As simple the film was it brought out a straightforward message for me. Despite the bitter sweet reminiscence of our younger days throughout the movie and our basic understanding of what friendships were about in those biological ages, the film also became a reflection of the current.

Some times as we move on to another chapter in lives, we tend to forget the meaning of friendships and only seeking solace in it when people desperately needs a listening ear. On those clear days, we are just two humans busy with our separate lives.

Instead, maybe we can try to engrave in our minds that true friends are like our life journey partners where we are a part of each other’s life at all stages of it.

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