Lily by JoabImages – 48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

Thriller is well known for it’s cliffhangers and my all time favorite directors that manage to create this was Alfred Hitchcock. Although often overlapped with mysterious stories, the hero in thriller movies have to thwart the plans of the enemy but in Lily, the hero became helpless in the end.

I wasn’t quite sure of the whole storyline at first. Maybe I was trying too hard to make some common sense into it. But the idea of having to be trap in a place where you have to do the same routine over and over again could drive me, or anyone for that matter, up the wall.

Lily was a fictitious character of a television show that felt shackled by the repeated routine she has to do everyday and was dying to be released into reality where she would be “free”. She managed to grab the attention of a television viewer who was sitting on his couch looking rather weary, watching the show. At first in disbelief he then decided to help Lily escape by plugging in his camcorder and pressing the record button only to realize that he will replace Lily’s place in return.

Plot-wise, I thought it was smart in a way but I felt like there could be more to establish Lily’s role in the film and her relationship with the television viewer. But I guess in that moment all he wanted was to free a pretty young lady from her husband and that maybe he wasn’t dreaming after all. I think this could be perfect scare for kids who watch too much television.

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