Is There Money In This? by Vanguard – 48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

To watch a comedy is an intention to amuse. Haven’t you heard that laughter is the best medicine? If you ever wonder what two dimwitted pre-planned robbers might do to carefully prepare themselves to do a well strategize robbery (Singaporean-style) this is a perfect film to get your answers. Maybe not all robbers acted this way but this is a sure fun film to watch leaving you smacking your foreheads and shaking your heads at their hilarious antics.

These two men who looked like in their late 30s, were choosing their weapon of choice from a small knife to a big parang and even rehearsed on their lines with it, advising each other on how to make themselves looked fierce at which point I couldn’t help myself but to laugh. They even tried on the right socks to wear over their heads for disguise. Although their plan was to rob these two men were well dressed for their mission, sitting under the void deck of a HDB flat, munching on peanuts while evaluating and choosing their victims as people walked by. Soon after they spotted a young girl who looked quite wealthy then prepared themselves to strike on her, following her from behind then surprised her afterwards. The girl however, instead of shrieking for help, fainted.

Despite planning to rob, upon seeing the girl lying motionless on the floor decided to help her by calling the ambulance. From robbers to hero, they “saved” what turned out to be a tycoon’s daughter. With their faces on the television news these two men, even though did not fulfill their mission were quite happy.

Honestly, although simple, this film manages to amuse me from the start till the end spicing it up with a little bit of local flair. I liked how it wasn’t too dopey for a comedy. I was glad it wasn’t another Scary Movie turn off.
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