Beyond the Band: The Rise and Fall of Johnny Axel by Team Seja – 48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

I am not a big fan of television shows on celebrity gossips neither do I want to pry into other people’s secret lives (though it can bring juicy bits of details that are ultimately overly amplified). But considering the nature of my sense of curiosity, I may in the end want to be informed of the latest inside scoop. And for this one, it was as if I was watching a spoof of Entertainment Tonight.

Johnny Axel was a charismatic young man who was initially from a hardcore band, The Zombies. He left to join a rival band, The Scissors after he fell in love with the bassist, Danny and while they performed in their huge concert, Johnny was killed by a pair of scissors that was flung from a waving fan’s hand and into his chest (unreal but the doctor’s testimony made it seemed possible especially with the 3-D graphics illustrating how the scissors punctured his chest and into his heart).

It wasn’t draggy as I assumed it would be but I was ridiculously annoyed with the reporter on how she played such an unconvincing role. But that aside, Beyond the Band was nicely paced (with well written dialogues I must say) and cleverly edited with details such as name headlines, 3-D graphics and a mock television logo that made this mockumentary well strung together.

It was challenging enough to create a short piece in 48 hours but to make it more difficult was the fact that this was collaboration between two countries, Singapore and Australia (Curtin University). With over 35 casts and crew, I applaud this team for being able to produce an amazing job. I bet they’ve fully utilized Skype for this. Kudos to team Seja.
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