Art World by Kijo – 48 Hour Film Project: Singapore 2009

There are many evaluations and definition of art whereby any human can differently view the aesthetic value of a piece of creation. What may seem to be of value to someone can also be a child’s painting that is nicely framed. The thought process of creating a piece of art encompasses a fusion of the human emotions, activities as well as music and literature. Many describe artists as a very disturbed individual – one who lives in seclusion a lot maybe? Essentially, whatever that is made is a fabrication of the human mind.

Every once in a while a film may take you by surprise and sometimes it can be too obvious that you may even predict its “common” dialogues then blows you away with shoddy storyline or even acting. I was nearly killed by the latter. As I was trying to acquire their less audible voices, trying to comprehend every conversation that bandied back and fourth was like deciphering a secret code (not to mention the awkwardly sense of acting that made me irked). So I stopped listening and concentrated on the visual aspects of this film.
A journalist took up a job to interview an artist, one that does not like to be interviewed in the first place. And upon arrival to his spine-chilling lair, she helped herself in, almost constantly greeted to eclectic art pieces and especially one of a human heart in a glass jar. The artist emerged and soon after they conversed but it all ended when she found a human size “statue” behind a plastic curtain. Turns out, she became an art piece for the artist’s exhibition with her heart nicely preserved in a glass jar – the same as the one that she found while wandering in the house.

Smart plot? Yes. Horrifying? A little. Seen before? Yes. Reminds me of The Wax Museum. Although thanks to this film, I am dying to trot myself down to Haji Lane and visit the “scene of the crime” because the place looked very interesting.
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