19th EU Film Festival - From Boon Lay to Brighton

I was invited to a very special dinner and home screening event at the Swedish Embassy Residence at Andrew Road. There was somehow a strong sense of the yellow and blue colour scheme evoking thoughts of its national colours. Sweden is chairing the European Season in Singapore this year and therefore are also in charge of the 19th EU Film Festival.
How does SINdie fit into this? Or vice versa? Well, that night was a very special movie bloggers' night (So honoured they found us!). Food and conversations aside, we were treated to the opening film WOLF, a Swedish film about tghe endangered Sami people (indigenous people in Sweden). I have always known the selection at the EU festival to be very strong, having watched several gems at previous festivals.
Celebrating the EU’s wide-ranging but common cultural heritage, the EUFF will feature 19 critically acclaimed films across several different genres such as Wolf (Sweden), Hunting and Gathering (France), London To Brighton (UK), and Playing Solo (Finland) to provide varied viewpoints into the EU’s member nations. For example, Wolf (Sweden) will introduce the audience to the Sami, the indigenous people of northern Sweden who have their own language, culture, faith and way of life, as well as explore the Swedish justice system in a way that shows the conflict between tradition and modern-day society.On the other hand, London To Brighton (UK), an award-winning thriller, tells a tale of retribution of redemption among London’s criminal classes. London To Brighton will be shown at the EUFF alongside Royalty, the short film that inspired it, and its producers Al Clark and Rachel Robey will also be present to introduce the film as well as give a short post-show Question and Answer session.

Singapore Showcase

After 18 editions, the EUFF has managed to remain current to its target audiences with constant success, and this year promises to be no different. Incorporating a fresh new youth element to attract a younger audience, the EUFF will, for the first time, be working with the Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media (ADM). The festival’s Singaporean and European audiences alike will get a first look at some of the brightest young cinematic talents in Singapore today, when a selection of works from the first batch of graduates from ADM’s film program are screened as shorts before some of the main feature films in the EUFF.
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