'Sing-a-pore' by Vincent Poh - SIFF

Is Singapore for uncles and aunties? That's what 'Sing-a-pore' tries to address. Funny how this statement sounds! A Tiger beer jug toting auntie leads a cast of 'senior' folks in their endless complaints about living in this island. After the initial gripes, I did not have too much difficulty second guessing the subsequent issues - tax, fines, this cannots, that cannots. Preventing it from being a 7pm TV drama were the hearty musical sequences. Yes, lyrics and music were written for this part-drama, part-musical. And quite a conscientious , mouthful piece as well!

If I forgot everything else about the film, the musical numbers would certainly be the only things left. Despite the DV look, it was a treat just watch the tracking shots along the corridor. Somehow, the smoothness of the tracks were not in tandem with the other more randomly framed shots. The other treat was the back-up dancers. For the scale of a simple hearty short film like this, it was quite hilarious how suddenly 8 nimble and lithe girls and boys would pop into the scene bursting into 'background' dance. One letdwon about the musical numbers was how after sitting through this mix of 'Talking-Cock' meets 881, it had to end with a NDP flourish - people bunching up and waving the national flags..... after complaining so much. Lol.
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