'Pang Sai Palace' by Pat Pot - SIFF

How can anyone let a name like 'Pang Sai Palace' pass you by? You begin to wonder if it's a euphemism for a public toilet, a place for a poo-fest (some twisted motivation behind this!) or a toilet with gold-plated seats and toilet paper used only by the royalty. Deep within the recesses of our minds is a yearning to laugh out loud at primary school toilet humour and I braced myself for it only to be slightly let down by the wry and understated quality of the humour.

'Pang Sai Palace' seems like a spoof of Channel News Asia from the style and the sliding text at the bottom of the screen, resembling the stock price and news updates. It interviews the people close to Sam Lamb, the creator of 'Pang Sai Palace'. The story goes that Sam actually died in his own 'Pang Sai Palace' , not sure why and the program is meant to commemorate his noble achievement. Somehow, the humour never really took off and I feel it is constrained by the choice of a making a mock TV program that features people who do not directly address the 'content' of his business. So it had effectively only nudged the humour mill.

Having said that, I do look forward to watching 'Charlie and his Chocolate factory'.
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