'Lion's Pride' by Wesley Leon Aroozoo - SIFF

For people who do not know Wesley, he made minor history with his NTU admission procedures. In is nothing short of drama but to keep my friendship with this prodigy, I will not reveal anything here. When was the last you felt like doodling a genital behind the toilet door? Well, you could have made the same short film as Wesley here under that influence. This is not meant to be offensive because I lost myself helplessly to laughter watching his film.

'Lion's Pride explores the life of a 'Chinese lion (those in the traditional dance) after the clammer of Chinese New Year. Over a long shot of lush, tropical vegetation, our familiar lion enters the frame painting a surrealistic picture. What titillated me was you just could not fathom the drift of the film at this point. Like many of Wesley's shorts, there is always a strange concoction of different genres. Then, judging from the 'nature documentary' style of the narration, I began to piece it all together. Basically it's lion feeding, sleeping, stretching and err....... playing. Not sure if I should take home anything profound from the pantomime. but my guess is not because I think I can see Wesley smirking somewhere out there.
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