VOICEOVER 2 - Elfe Nur Reyany

VOICEOVER 1 is me. I found someone else to join me in my regular blabbering and kaypohing. She is a funky lady and you can call her Elfe. Her full name is Elfe Nur Reyany. I got to know her through an ad placed on www.farm.sg , a great local website. So now, we got a different regular voice other than the same old boring me. Here is her:
Elfe Nur Reyany is a music and art-related lover type of person who grew up in sunny island Singapore. She worked for several companies that do interesting stuff like video production, designing and photography. She also sometimes writes on a freelance basis in hope to curb her perpetual need to write. She even took up an unpaid internship with a magazine (I-S Singapore) to help her with her “disability” which she truly enjoyed because of all the perks and (of course) interviewing people that she never thought possible.

Apart from the things she likes such as intelligent animated sitcoms and reading philosophical journals by Socrates, she also secretly paints. She is far too dogmatic to conform to just one specific career so now with the support of her significant other she incorporated all her passion into a full-time profession but some might call it“bumming around”. She calls it a “fulfilling life”."
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