3rd Singapore Indie Doc Fest - 'The Last Catch' by Ang Guang Zheng

Endangered Histories
The Last Catch
2008/7mins/India & Singapore/Rating TBA
Director: Ang Guang Zheng

Lets not mimic and ridicule the Indian accent in this documentary because this one covered a very impending issue that may leave us suffering if not deterred or managed in some ways soon. This involves the global growing demand for food and how our increasing need to eat is killing ourselves. The once humble job of a village fisherman has been overrun by bigger boats equip with sonar and bigger nets. It then becomes a race over who could make a bigger catch.

This short documentary successfully impart a consequential need for us to conserve what we’re taking from the Earth but at the same time trying to find ways for all to make a living. Set in a small fishing community in Mangalore, India, Ang has created a fine introduction not only on how traditional fishing trades are diminishing but their sources as well.

It felt like I was watching ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, putting myself in an unnerving situation. That even if I was to be a vegetarian I’d be eating the Amazon indirectly. One way or another it felt like I needed to do something on my part to help save Mother Earth. If this documentary were to be commission it would definitely be a perfect wake up call for everyone. It was fast, educational and informative. Not to mention, real with all honestly and unfeigned - an enjoyable piece that I would sit throughout the show if it were a fully featured documentary. Now this has definitely left a mark on me and I wouldn’t even think of mimicking an Indian accent to remember it (like some audience have done).

- Elfe
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