First Takes - 'Synchronicity Series' by Eileen Reynolds

A first glance at this stop-motion photography generated film reflects a trained hand. Almost flawlessly executed, 'Synchronicity' pulsates from air-conditioned concrete interiors to the humid open fields where strangers are criss-crossing each others' paths. About 8-10 characters dressed in 'government-white' stuffy long-sleeved tops and pants wriggle their way around in single file. The regularity of their train-like motion anchors the polishedness of this piece. The visuals reflect a strong connection Eileen had with the space in which she shot. This is esepcially visible in the parts where the characters would disappear into concrete and appear from the other side again. Or they would morph in white amorphous blobs and disappear into the ground.

The 3 min piece reflects a rather mammoth production proecess no less, perhaps largely driven by the need for choreography and the multiple locations. In fact, they took 12 consecutive weekends to do this. That adds up to 12 X 2 X 8 = 192 hours of production time.
Bio : Beginning her art career working primarily in painting & photography, Eileen Reynolds went on to work in the film and television industry. Along with shooting various independent short films, she was Director of Photography for the Pow Wow, Gathering of Nations, a video series distributed by FOX TV. Eileen continues to exhibit her personal artwork, consisting of painting, photography & stop-motion animation. For the past 3 years, she has been an Asst. Prof. Of Animation in the School Of Art, Design & Media at NTU.
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