First Takes - 'Fences' by Kelvin Ke

Kelvin shared that he grabbed 2 young boys before their game of soccer to shoot fences. I suppose they were his friends because they seemed being to be oblivious to the camera. In a span of 7 minutes, we hear about them saunter about some everyday issues. The conversation feels very natural and even a little raw. The Chinese boy keeps saying ‘I mean’ which sounded like a cross between trying to bridge his lines and a conversational quirk. A pity the exchange does not cut deep enough into their lives because both characters were only skirting the surface of their personal issues…which brings to the question of what their relationship is. In 7 min, it may be difficult to address this. All we know is they are peers and but beyond that, it was hard to decipher anything else other than what is spoken and perhaps our prejudices may thwart us in our attempts to surmise fairly. And by this I mean our judgements towards an Indian and Chinese street kid at a soccer field around playing their everyday blues away.
Director’s Bio: Kelvin Ke Jinde graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film at the Putnam School of Film, La Salle, majoring in Cinematography. He was formerly from Ngee Ann Poly FSV. Kelvin Ke is interested in content development and media production. He enjoys creating and crafting programs that will entertain and inform audiences through his works. His earlier short film, Caramel, was selected for the 4th Winnipeg International Film Festival 2008, Bridge International Film Festival 2008 and 5th Singapore Short Cuts. His other short film, The Plan was recently screened at The Substation First Take in October 2008.
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